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Associated with Top-Tier Technical Partners around the world, we deliver technical services and products efficiently and with full confidence. Our technical services cover multiple market segments within the oil and gas industry.


We are well set in bringing in new and innovative services, products and technology to continuously lead the markets in which we choose to compete.

MKJ Technical


Wherever your project takes you, we'll be right there by your side, with dedicated local offices staffed with expert personnel ready to provide you with specialist knowledge and service from start to finish. Our worldwide reach and experience mean that we can be your single-source partner, covering all your needs.

We are partnered with top-tier international technical partners as a way forward to provide advanced technical services in supporting the industry.
Cost effectiveness and work efficiency are our key elements towards achieving objectives and productivity for us and our clients without compromising safety.
We prioritize the hiring and development of local employees and personnel while encouraging the transfer of knowledge from highly specialized personnel.

Quality, HSE & Security

MKJ Technical Services is committed to ensure the well-being of our people. We strive to continuously provide a safety workplace for all employees and on-site personnel. We have an obligation to identify and reduce risks, safeguard people and protect the environment and the communities where we operate, through the following:

  • - To implement effective HSSE controls;
  • - To demonstrate visible leaderships;
  • - To consult with our employees so as to provide and maintain safe workplace;
  • - To provide information, instruction and supervision for employees;
  • - To ensure all employees are trained and competent to do their tasks;
  • - To prevent accidents and work-related illness;
  • - To review and revise this policy as necessary at regular intervals; and
  • - To continuously improve our management and performance on HSSE.

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